So you wanna join us?

You can chat with us informally at South Park Studios
For all your trivia needs, join us at #spstrivia!
There's a third channel which is invite only - if we like you and you're gonna be a regular chatter (not just one who comes once in a while), we'll invite you.
You can download an IRC client. Having your own IRC client installed on your computer makes it easier and more enjoyable to chat, as you can be in several channels at once. We highly suggest downloading one of these clients.

If you have a Mac, we suggest ircle.
If you have a PC, please see How to join #spschat using mIRC below.

There are three ways to join the channel once you have mIRC installed:

From the mIRC command line. From another network From the Web
Once you have installed and configured mIRC, you can type the following line to enter both rooms.

/join #sps
/join #spstrivia

This is the thing to do if you're already mIRC savvy and are on another network. This command will add another network and channel to your list.

/server -m -j #sps
/server -m -j #spstrivia

You can also click on one of the links below to come in, or copy the link to a new browser window.


(select Change servers and join the channel)

How to join #sps and/or #spstrivia using mIRC

A. Get mIRC
  1. Click here to open the download page on the
  2. Choose the location closest to you to begin the download.
  3. The File Download dialog box will ask if you want to Open or Save the file, choose Save.
  4. The dialog box will ask you where you want to save the exe file, choose a location you will remember, such as the desktop.
B. Install mIRC
  1. Locate and double-click the exe file you downloaded.
  2. When you see the screen below, click "Next".
  3. Check out the license agreement, then click "Yes".
  4. Choose the folder in which you would like mIRC to install and be sure "Create shortcut icons" is checked if you would like to be able to access mIRC from your Windows Start menu - then click "Install".
  5. Check the box to "Lanch mIRC" (feel free to check out the help file at this time, as well, before proceeding).
C. Start using mIRC and connect to #spschat
  1. If you chose to launch mIRC at the end of the install, the screen below will come up automatically for you. You can bring the program up by clicking on your start menu, then Programs, mIRC, then mIRC again.
  2. Click the "X" to close the smaller "About mIRC" window, and the window below will open.
  3. Click the "Add" button to bring up the "Add Server" dialog. Fill it in as shown below, then click "Add"
  4. The "mIRC Options" dialog comes back up, where you will enter your information before connecting
    1. Full Name: it doesn't matter what you enter here - it will only show up if someone pulls up your profile when you're connected.
    2. Email Address: again, it doesn't matter. This doesn't even have to be a valid email address.
    3. Nickname: this one does matter. This is the nickname (handle) you will have when connected.
    4. Alternative: if someone else on the IRC network is using the nickname you entered above, you will need an alternative.
    **On our particular IRC network, nicknames can only be nine characters in length. If you enter a longer nickname, any letters after the ninth will be cut off.
  5. Click the "Connect to IRC Server" button. It may take up to 60 seconds to connect, during that time, some information will scroll across the screen. Once you are connected, the "Channels Folder" dialog will pop up. Enter "#sps" (without the quotation marks) and click the "Join" button.
  6. Now you are in the channel - start chatting!
D. Basic IRC Commands

The following two commands are all you'll ever need, unless you become an op (that's up to us to decide)

  1. /me <action> - This command lets people know what you're doing or thinking if you don't want to make a direct statement
  2. /nick <newnick> - allows you to change nicks - /nick ProfChaos changes your nick to ProfChaos
You can also right-click on a person's nick on the right side of the window to learn more things to do. Before you chat privately with anyone for the first time, you must ask that person's permission to do so on the main chat channel.

E. Sending files through DCC (Direct Client to Client) in IRC through a firewall

This is for the XP firewall. Your firewall may be different, so check its manual or online help files to set up DCC ports and Identid.
Starting at the menu bar...

  1. Click on Tools and scroll down to...
  2. Options... Click on that to open the Options dialog box
  3. Click on Connect, then on Options, then click the Advanced button.
  4. You should get the dialog box below. Check the DCC box and put in any two numbers in the first and last ports, with the second one bigger than the first, like the ones below.

    Click Okay.
  5. Under Connect click on Identid and fill in the following info:
    User ID: the nick you normally use on mIRC
    System: the system you use. This one is for a Windows system.
    Port: 113
    Make sure the first two boxes under the Port field are selected.
    Click Okay.
  6. Now, go to your internet connection button in the tray (shown in the oval above) and click on that (you may have to click on the arrow first), then click on the Properties button.
  7. You should get the Properties box below. Click on the Advanced tab, then on the Settings button.
  8. In the Settings box, click on the Add button to add DCC services.

    You should get the box below:

    Add the boxes like this::
    In Settings click on
    Service Description
    Cumputer Name or IP Address
    External Port
    Internal Port
    Click on
    DCC 1
    Your cumputer's name
    DCC 2
    Your cumputer's name
    Add (if desired)
    DCC 3
    Your cumputer's name
    Your cumputer's name
    You don't have to use 4001 and 4002. You can use 3333 and 3334, or any two numbers next to each other, so long as you use the same numbers in the DCC box in IRC. The highest port number you can use is 5000. If you have more than two DCC services, use the first and last ports in the IRC DCC box.
  9. You can add more DCC services. Each DCC service you add allows one more file to be transferred. The two services above allow two files to be transferred at the same time, one in each port. Add a third service, a third port, and you can send three files at the same time, one in each port.
  10. Disconnect your firewall and reconnect so the new services take effect. You are now ready to send files through a firewall.